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At High Grade, we Cultivate the highest quality, hand trimmed, expertly cured Premium Cannabis. Try our exclusive genetics, superior flavor, and what it's like to experience HIGH GRADE.

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Hand Selected, Premium Flower Pre-Rolls.
Just like when you roll we use only premium cannabis nugs for our PreRoll packs.


  • High Grade - Wax


Solvent Based

BHO is a form of Cannabis extract that uses laboratory grade N-Butane to remove resinous oils from the plant material resulting in a variety of textures and products, including: LIVE RESIN, SHATTER, BUDDER, AND CRUMBLE.


For those patients seeking a concentrated form of Cannabis without the use of a solvents, High Grade manufactures Ice hash, dry sift hash, dry ice hash, and rosin, all of which separate the resin gland from the raw plant material using ice, centripetal force, and/or heat/pressure.


  • Strain - Durban Poison


Distillate is a solvent free form of post processing that creates a translucent oil that is 95+ % pure THC. This oil can be vaporized or infused into edibles depending on the patients preferred method of administration.

Cartridges / Applicators

Our Cartridges and Applicators are filled with 95%+ Cannabis oil extracted from premium, indoor Cannabis.

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)

RSO is a full spectrum, activated cannabis Oil that is manufactured using ethanol alcohol. The finished product is thick, sticky, rich in chlorophyll and other medically beneficial Cannabinoids.


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